Dr Timothy Hewitt


Dr Timothy Tim Hewitt is actively involved in the management of trauma through his public hospital positions and also in his private practice.

Dr Hewitt provides a range of reconstructive surgery for congenital and acquired conditions. He works as a craniofacial reconstructive surgeon at Princess Margaret Hospital and Sir Charles Gardner Hospital. At these sites he treats congenital skull and face conditions in children and acquired conditions including cancer and trauma in adults. In his private clinic Dr Hewitt sees privately insured patients with skin cancer and deformities as a result of trauma.

A significant proportion of his private practice is involved in the treatment of skin malignancies. In particular, a number of complex skin cancers of the face requiring skin graft or flap surgery are treated. Dr Hewitt has active involvement with the statewide rural skin screening programs.

For further information and advice from Dr Timothy Hewitt about reconstructive surgery in Perth call (08) 9388 9222 or click on our Contact page.