Dr Timothy Hewitt



Facial surgery can encompass the following procedures:


Aesthetic facial surgery aims to alter the deep tissues of the face so they adopt a more youthful appearance. The deeper tissues are altered rather than pulling on the overlying skin. This gives longer lasting results and a more natural appearance.

The techniques used to make these aesthetic facial enhancements vary between faces. The approaches to facelifts are similar to those used in Reconstructive Craniofacial Surgery, with the aim of giving a refreshed appearance to the face. Short scars are used whenever possible.

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Neck Lift

The neck is often an early indicator of an ageing face. Commonly, patients complain of ‘bands’ or a fullness like a ‘turkey gobbler’. Neck lifting is often performed in conjunction with facelift surgery. Similarly to facelift procedures, the underlying tissues are adjusted to give contour improvement and a long lasting result. The fat deposits are addressed and the banding muscles flattened. A rejuvenated neck has a profound affect on the appearance of the lower face.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

The upper face is often dramatically rejuvenated by eyelid surgery. Excess upper eyelid skin can cause a tired, hooded appearance. It may be a functional concern with heaviness, problematic at night. Lower eyelid fat pads, deep troughs and excess skin also give an aged appearance.

One of the more delicate aspects of aesthetic facial surgery, blepharoplasty is performed through incisions in eyelid creases; these are usually not visible. A number of lower eyelid procedures are performed through an internal approach which leaves no external scar. This is an approach used regularly in Tim Hewitt’s Craniofacial Practice.


The brow, like other facial tissues, can become heavier with age and droop. Often, what appears to be an excess of upper eyelid skin and an aged appearance is at least partially due to a heavy brow.

Approaches to the brow are standard Craniofacial aesthetic facial surgery techniques. The main principle of treating a heavy brow is repositioning the deeper tissues and removing excess skin.

This procedure is performed through an open brow approach, or a limited scar temporal approach. In some cases the corrugator (frowning muscles) are weakened at the same time.

Endoscopic browlifts are no longer performed at this practice, as the results lack the permanency of other techniques.


Otoplasty surgery addresses prominent or ‘bat’ ears. Prominent ears are present from birth, and are due to a lack of folding of the ear cartilage during development.

Commonly, this operation is performed on primary school aged children, but adults who have been troubled by the aesthetic appearance of their ears can also have this corrected. The deformity is corrected by reshaping the cartilage, giving it a natural appearing fold. An excessively ‘pinned back’ appearance is avoided.

Chin Surgery (Genioplasty)

The size of the chin has a large influence on the aesthetics of the nose and the entire face. The chin can be altered in both its vertical height and prominence. The specialised aesthetic facial surgery involves using a chin implant or altering the underlying bone. These procedures are often considered by patients who are also considering rhinoplasy procedures. Genioplasty procedures are often performed in the context of Craniofacial conditions.