Dr Timothy Hewitt


Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is commonly referred to as Breast Enlargement or Breast Enhancement. In the simplest terms it involves enhancing the shape and size of the breast using a breast implant. The desired result of Breast Augmentation surgery is to produce a larger, natural breast contour.

The most important consideration when assessing patients for Breast Augmentation is the shape of the existing breast. Although the requested size of a breast may vary, there is usually a particular implant style (shape and profile) that suits each particular breast. Other key considerations when planning breast augmentation surgery are:

  • Implant size
  • Shape (tear drop / anatomical or round)
  • Position (above or below the muscle)
  • Incision (scar minimisation)

For the best results some patients may require a breast lift procedure (mastopexy) in conjunction with their breast augmentation surgery.

I use Mentor Breast Prostheses.

For the average patient, breast augmentation surgery carries very little risk. Recovery time is minimal and breast implants do not need to be changed unless there are issues. However, it is important that every patient talk to their doctor about any concerns about the procedure so that they feel comfortable moving forward.

For more detailed information on surgical technique an information brochure can be emailed to you by contacting us or visiting the ASPS site.