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Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes and slims the body by removing excessive fat deposits and improving the body proportion and contours. This common surgery can enhance your self-image and increase your self-confidence. Even individuals in good health with a reasonable level of fitness can suffer from a body with disproportionate contours caused by localized fat deposits. These problem areas can be due to heredity or lack of fitness and weight control.

Liposuction in Perth is often used to treat stubborn fat pockets that refuse to budge with exercise and proper nutrients. These fat pockets can be located in various parts of the body including arms, thighs, waist, neck, back, hips, inner knee, chin, chest, calves and ankles. Some individuals choose to have liposuction performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as a tummy tuck or breast lift.

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Liposuction improves the contours of your body and can help thin the problem area. The healing process is gradual and you should allow several months to pass before you get an accurate representation of the results. The incisions create during the liposuction in Perth will fade over several months and generally become barely visible within a year. The results of the procedure are long-lasting. However, it does not stop the effects of aging and can be affected by pregnancy, weight gain and other lifestyle factors.


During the surgery, the surgeon will remove the unwanted fat from your body using a hollow metal tube called a cannula. Suction assisted liposuction is one of the most common techniques used and involves aspirating the fat by attaching a pump that creates a vacuum to the cannula and sucking the fat from the body. In some cases, a motor is used and the cannula will vacillate back and forth. This is known as power assisted liposuction. Other techniques include an ultrasonic generator that produces sound waves that breaks the fat cells down. These broken fat cells are then removed by suction assisted liposuction. Each technique has pros and cons that your surgeon will discuss with you during the consultation.

General anaesthesia is used to provide comfort during the procedure, and the doctors will monitor your blood pressure, heart, oxygen and pulse during the operation to ensure you safety. Once the surgery is complete, you will be moved to a recovery area where the doctors closely monitor you. Most patients will be discharged and allowed to return home after a period of observation. However, in some cases an overnight hospital stay is required.


The recovery time for this procedure varies from patient to patient. During the first few days after the liposuction in Perth you must rest. The first 48 hours after the surgery patients will experience swelling and bruising. The bruising usually disappears within 10 days but swelling will persist for a longer period of time. Lifting, bending and straining should be avoided for several days after the surgery but normal activities can usually be resumed within two weeks.


Even though major complications from liposuction in Perth are infrequent, there are still some risks and complications that you should be aware of before undergoing the surgery. It is best to discuss the potential risks with your plastic surgeon in a one-on-one setting. The doctor will be able to determine the potential risks based on your specific situation. However, the risks associated with liposuction are often similar to the risks of other cosmetic produces and include haematoma, infection, scarring, damage to underlying structures, changes in sensation and allergic reactions. Unsatisfactory results and the need for revision surgery are also possible risks that you need to consider.

Some of the risks involved with liposuction can be minimized by following the instructions and advice recommended to you by your plastic surgeon both before and after the procedure.

Liposuction in Perth is not a treatment for obesity and should never be used as a replacement for good eating habits and regular exercise. Individuals who exercise regularly but are plagued with stubborn fat deposits are the ideal candidate for this procedure.